Thursday, December 8, 2005

"Beer, Beer Beer" Said the Private

Foster's. Australian for Donkey-Piss.

Beer is a fundamental element of the masthead, so for once I might as well write a post about it.

The greatest benefit of being part of a military aircrew is the travel. We truly "see the world", as the cliche goes. But what's left unspoken is that we see the world through the bottom of as many glasses of booze and bottles of beer as we can contain or afford. For example, here is a great Aussie pale ale I was lucky enough to bring back a few cases of once:

Cooper's Original Pale Ale

Goes down very well on its own or with your dinner. It's bottle-fermented, so look for a little bit of clouding from yeast residue (or, if you don't tip the bottle on its side momentarily before opening, some yeast silt at the bottom). Not to mention, it's brewed sans preservatives and chemical additives; if you have one too many(easy to do with such a great beer), odds are you won't be in much pain the next morning.

A very easy-to-drink ale with a great taste, provided your taste goes anywhere beyond shitty, watered-down tripe like Miller Lite.

The flavor is slightly fruity, with an appreciably bitter aftertaste.

If you find it at a shop with good international selections , BUY IT. By the palletload.

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