Wednesday, December 7, 2005

Ted Rall Hits Bottom, Breaks Out the Jackhammer

(Hat Tip: Michelle Malkin)
This guy is a piece of work. An unhinged, admitted socialist who uses his pen and his far, far left-fringe ideals to vilify the current Administration and every Marine, Soldier, Sailor, and Airman who has ever raised his hand and taken the oath to "Defend the Constitution of the United States against all Enemies, Foreign and Domestic". Looks like we ought to take him up on the "domestic" part.

You can see more of his vile work at

Personally, I believe he is compensating for his lack of artistic ability by making his publicly-aired views as vitriolic as he possibly can. Mommy and Daddy aren't around and little Teddy wants attention.

At various times, he has vilified Servicemen as mercenaries and "Murderers for Halliburton" and called Pat Tillman an "Idiot" and a "Sap". His strip is so unhinged even the New York Times Online pulled the plug on his work.

It's time Yahoo and UComics dropped him too. You can contact Yahoo's media relations people as follows:

Yahoo! Media General Inquiries:
Nissa Anklesaria408-349-7738

Yahoo! News and Finance:
Brian Nelson

Ashleigh Koss/Fleishman Hillard

Yahoo! Community Relations:
Nicki Dugan

Liz Clinkenbeard/ OutCast Communications

Someone has to stand up to this guy. There is a fine line between free expression and libel. To say nothing of treasonous sedition and absolute ingratitude towards those who have sworn to allow him to express his opinions, however vulgar, without fear of being rounded up and clapped into a gulag. I am about to compose a letter to all the above named Yahoo! head honchos.

Please help me pass the word, it's time for this guy to find a different forum for his disgusting, contemptible, seditious views and, frankly, atrocious artistry. Tomorrow I am going to my Sergeant Major and my squadron's Legal Officer to inquire about the propriety of circulating a petition among the Marines to Yahoo! to convince them to reconsider allowing him to use their site to air his ideological dirty laundry.I will be deeply grateful to all of you who help spread the word, and take action yourselves.

UPDATE: I have composed the following e-mail to Yahoo's above named points of contact:

To All Concerned:

My name is Russell Hardin. I am writing to express my upset towards opinion columnist/political cartoon writer Ted Rall's work, and my dismay that your site publishes his work.
For example, on 26 NOV 05 the following cartoon was published:

This cartoon is an extremely low blow, to say nothing of a baseless accusation, leveled at the hundreds of thousands of American servicemen and women who, upon enlistment or commissioning, swear an oath to "...Uphold and Defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic".

We are sworn defenders of the document that guarantees Mr. Rall's right to produce such execrable material, even if he exercises that right by insulting the millions of men and women who, over the centuries, have been our nation's first line of defense against enemies who in power would deny him the right to express himself freely in the first place.

By publishing his reprehensible 'comics', you are willing participants in his insolence toward everyone who has ever worn the uniform of an American fighting man or woman at a time when we need the American people's support and good wishes the most. Far be it from me to make decisions about those whose work you will or will not publish. That is not my intent. I only wish to respectfully request that you reconsider allowing Yahoo! to provide a public forum for Ted Rall's libelous and revoltingly insloent expressions against the men and women of the United States' Armed Forces.

I only hope that those with the authority to make such a decision understand that I am not appealing to you for the purpose of suppressing Mr. Rall's civil rights; I only hope you relent and ask him to air his extreme opinions elsewhere.

Respectfully Submitted,

Russell A. Hardin

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