Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Excuses For Light Posting

Writer's Block and Other Restraints

Lately I've found myself thinking of fewer and fewer things to write here. Recent events have sapped my sense of humor; between dealing with lazy, marginally competent desk-molesters all day at work (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE, BITCHES!) and my ongoing medical issues, It's difficult to find anything amusing to post.


JebTexas said...

Ya gotta keep it up, bro. Even if it's not as often. Y'all are the ONLY reason us good American have any clue about our military. You leave, and the %$@$# MSM has the only say. Not an optimum solution.

kissyface said...

Not sure what jebtexas means by MSM, but I am sorry you are experiencing a fallow period. You write well and amusingly. It'll come back. Cheer up Charlie.