Saturday, April 29, 2006

What I'm Up Against

Dey's Keepin It Real!

I'm having fun with my Nigerian 419 scam-baiting hobby. Some people may think it's racist to have fun at the expense of sub-Saharan Africans. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

THEY initiate contact with their potential victims, THEY rob those dumb enough to deal with them in good faith, and THEY deserve to get laughed at.

This is what I'm up against. Here are a couple of pictures of "Nigerian Thug Life":



phranc said...

No, sir it's not a racist activity. The noble art of scam baiting is something I've only started doing. It's fun.Perpetrators of what's known as the 419 scam are heartless ruthless people who usually affect a pretence at altruistic values in order to harvest the common decency of others. If many more people scambaited them... well I'm sure you can imagine. Applause to you Sgt. Aitch!
Ps. Where did you get the photographs from? And what exactly are those Catlike/doglike animals?

kissyface said...

It's not, scum bait away, but careful with your opening line...

Those photos are AMAZING! I never realized hyenas were so large and powerful looking, I guess they have to be given who they have to steal carrion from. This world is so wide and diverse and impressive. I wish I could travel for a year.

Citizen H said...

Something I've heard about hyenas: They ordinarily make kills in the night only to be chased off by lions (hence the dawn scenes of lions feasting on a kill while surrounded by skulking hyenas).