Saturday, July 1, 2006

Waterborne stupidity

Saltwater sucks as a nasal spray

Woo-hoo, four-day weekend! Out snorkeling today, wrapping it up with a jump off a cliff near Horseshoe Beach, forcing a pint of saltwater up my sinuses.

Mark dropped his van key in the water, prompting a half-hour of trolling the water with an ebbing tide to find it; we went spelunking in one of the many sea-caves that dot the Okinawan coast, got hosed by a sea-cucumber that took umbrage at being picked up (those little fuckers stink, by the way), and developed bright red backs in spite of the sunscreen. Waterproof, my ass. Time to slap on some aloe and go get liquored up at the battle of the bands tonight.


kissyface said...

Irrigating the sinuses with saline is actually a cold/allergy remedy. Ever hear of a netti pot? Still, it couldn't have been comfy.

Citizen H said...

It would have been a lot LESS comfy if I had belly-flopped off that rock ledge, from about 40 feet. Or, for that matter, if I hadn't checked out the depth first and found it to be five feet vice the tewnty I had. Pictures coming up-- finally got a waterprrof camera, so look out for good coverage of me making an ass of myself in and out of the water.