Sunday, October 1, 2006

EAS, light blogging, etc.

Officially Civilian

It's all over, but stay tuned, next week you'll have the illustrated version of my Marine Corps career. As soon as I scan all the pictures that were taken before I retired my 35mm camera, got with the 21st-century program, broke down, and bought a digital camera.

Anyhow, as of 11:59 last night I am no longer an Active-Duty Marine. My contract has run out, the final paycheck is in my bank, and I can speak my mind after all these years without worrying about official umbrage towards my writing. Believe me, this last year I haven't put down much in the way of true opinion. Now, unfettered by the UCMJ or proscriptions against servicemen truly expressing themselves, you might see some changes. I will definitely be filling my new role as an irascible, opinionated, conservative Southerner. Anyone as has a problem with that can kiss my cracker ass.

That being said, I will be offline for the next week while I move and sort some other odds and ends out. So if I stop popping up on your sitemeter or in your comments, it's not that I don't love y'all, I just have to wait for my stuff from Japan, including my computer instead of this borrowed rig, to be delivered here (gee, that only took two months).

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kissyface said...

Mr. Hardin, is that your real name?

Tired of being called Aytch? what does that come from, anyway?