Tuesday, July 17, 2007

More Jag housekeeping

Grinding wheels and fingers don't mix

Since I'm still waiting on parts, I decided to make today a continued cleaning day. Remember this unkempt, sooty mess of a cylinder block?

Here it is after about an hour with a wire brush, a few turns of the crank, and a couple more bloody knuckles:

I have now left enough blood from skinned knuckles on this car for it to be a relative. After I finished scrubbing the bores and tapping the bolt holes, I took another crack at the exhaust valves with a new wire brush and a cordless drill. No more carbon. Period.

Tomorrow I'm finally going to J-B Weld the cylinder head, since the valve I need probably won't turn up for another day or two anyway.

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steve said...

What d'ya figure is worse Citizen....that Gulf sun beatin'down on ya.... or banging your knuckles in the dead of winter?
(left a larger comment furthur down)