Monday, March 23, 2009

Another day, another Mouch directive

Life imitating stupid

The Mouch Obama administration isn't content to cap the pay of companies accepting TARP funds, it seems to think it's entitled to shackle the entire private sector with regulations.

This is more political opportunism, riding the wave of the hypocritical effort they've undertaken to whip up populist outrage after AIG decided to stick to a bonus plan they stuck to with full government knowledge and consent.

Do these fucking toolbags expect money to magically appear in their coffers by fiat?

Bureaucrats seem to have long forgotten that money is made and earned, not miracled into being by directive. It's made by people who work and produce with some reasonable expectation of retaining the product of their labor. If you saddle them with regulations and salary caps, their incentive to produce goes down the tubes. They don't make any more money, and Uncle Sam's little redistribution schemes fail.

Keep on prolonging the suffering, assholes. I'm looking forward to voting your asses out of office.

Namaste, Bitches.

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The GTL™ said...

Woo-HOO!! Agree or disagree (latter to some degree from MOI, of course) bro -- I love me a well-written, SNARKY (from HELL) post!

Patriots, ALL of us -- those who go out of their way to be activist and participate in our Democracy.

Blog ON and I'll be seein' ya' soon, I'm sure :-)