Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Obama Backpedals. Again.

Full speed astern!

I'm pretty underwhelmed by what was touted as this guy's "breathtaking political genius" during the campaign. So far it seems all he's accomplished has been to ride the wave of a Stalinist cult of personality to the top, aided and abetted by suckers who bought his message of Hope and Change.

At issue this week was his abhorrent proposal to compel disabled veterans currently cared for by the VA to seek private health care. He wanted them to bear the costs for their own care, for wounds and injuries received during the course of voluntary military service. After being roundly castigated by right and left, he finally backpedaled after three days.

Is Obama doing lines of blow on the desk in the Oval Office? are Emmanuel and Pelosi slipping him roofies at these weekly White House parties we keep hearing about? What the fuck is wrong with this guy? He's alienating foreign leaders whose support and goodwill we must count on, proposing a series of policies that reek of social engineering and will choke any economic recovery the instant it will start, and elevating hordes of tax cheats to cabinet positions.

He's either a blithering idiot or actively and maliciously trying to dismantle institutions that ensure our citizens' freedoms. Personally I subscribe to blithering idiocy, since the guy can't string together extemporaneous sentences on his own. He has the power cord to his TelePrompter wrapped around his neck and his handlers seem to be treating him like a mushroom: Keeping him in the dark and shoveling him bullshit.

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