Friday, October 28, 2005

News Wrap

Originally posted 27 OCT 05 at my old blog:

Alright, one more before I get whisked off to the Land of the Rising Sun:

Neverland Ranch For Sale
.....On the market until the next rich, creepy pederast comes along. Who in their right mind would buy it?

Remote Control Device Can Control Humans
..... Women, however, don't need remotes to control most men.

Louisiana Governor Blamed for Slow Removal of Bodies
.....Come on, folks. It's Louisiana. She has to make sure they're on the voter rolls first. Especially this time around.

Prince Charles Struggles to Stay Relevant
.....Was he ever? I mean, as anything other than the butt of Ugly Teeth and Big Ears jokes?

Game Lets Players Get a Life
.....Role Playing hits bottom, digs

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