Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Nonso's Back for More

At least kids quit touching the stove when they get burned

I've been abusing Togolese spammer Nonso Edri for just under a week now. Either he's incredibly stupid, or exteremely optimistic about his chances of defrauding me. Progress so far:

  • Nonso asked me to e-mail his 'banker'. I put in a fraud complaint with his e-mail host and got the 'banker''s e-mail shut down; then I asked him if he was just playing games, because his 'banker''s e-mail was no good.
  • Undaunted, he e-mailed me back, still bugging me for contact information. I gave him the phone number to an escort service in rural Mississippi and the address of a defunct strip club.

Well, dumbass is back for more. Now I'm going to test the limits of his patience:

nonso edri wrote:
Dear Michael Ockisard,

I got what you sent to me, and i have all ready forwarded it to the bank where this fund is deposited B.T.C.I Bank Banque de togolaisse pour le' commercie I'ndustrie lome togo.

So any moment you receive mail from this bank kindly forward it to me for more directives as i earlier mention that all the legal documents concerning this fund and my late client are here with me ,the death and deposit certificate which i will provide it immediately when call upon.

This is the Bank email address....


I tried to reach you on your line you gave to me but due to bad network coverage here it can't get through, Call me on my 24 hrs direct service line for effective disscussion on this transaction 00228-939-29-96.

Till i got response from you.

Best Regard.

Barrister Nonso Edri.

Time to rattle his cage a little:


I have received no word at all from your bank In fact, I have attempted to e-mail them, but the message was returned "Undeliverable". Now, you are giving me a different e-mail address. Something isn't right here. Do you care to explain the situation to me?


PS, call me Mike from now on. Can I call you Nonce?


kissyface said...

Dear Beer Bait,

I'm relieved to know that no strippers have been harmed in this little ruse of yours. It's encouraging to know that you are as conscientious a little boy scout as to look out for the girls' welfare, even when you are up to hijinks and skullduggery.

Might I suggest that you actually employ their talents, however. If anyone could get gold off Nonso, these girls can.

Marvin said...

And I thought I was Nonso's only assistant banker...

Oh well, back to helping Kofi with his lunch money (those missing oil for food dinars)