Sunday, December 18, 2005

Spam-Baiting With A New Twist

No Strippers Were Harmed in the Composition of These E-mails

I'm also running a fellow named Barrister Nonso Edri, claiming to be a citizen of Lome, Togo:

nonso edri
Dear Michael Ockisard,

Thank you very much for yor mail,
what information you need from me? you information i ask from you is to open a
fill in my office before we proceed and i will send to you the contact of the
Bank where the fund is been deposited, all you need to do is to follow my
directives to enable us achiver this gold.

To enable me proceed you
are required to send to me the following informations , this will enable me open
a file for you in my office and present you to the bank as the beneficiary ,
below are the required informations .




NUMBER (to enhance easy communication between us)

CONTACT ADDRESS.............................

Upon the receipt of
this informations , i shall proceed in the presentation, for more informations
on this transaction please call me on my 24 hours service telephone number
+228 939 29 96 , so i can properly explain to your understanding all
this transaction entail . Once again i want to thank you for all your
anticipation in this transaction .

Thanks as we hope for the best

Barrister Nonso Edri.

The Plot Thickens:


I am relieved to hear from you. You are obviously a careful and highly intelligentman. This is good and bodes well for future business.One of my friends is of the opinion that Togo is adangerous place full of uneducated con-artists and madarmy generals. I told him that I was in correspondencewith a barrister from Togo and he didn’t believe thatanyone in Togo could make it through the basic schoolsystem at high enough a level to make a Barrister. Iinformed him that he was wrong and that your writtenEnglish and grammar seemed to me to be carefullyconsidered, delicate and fine.He’s laughing on the other side of his face now, I can tellyou.As I say, I am please that you are well and I look forwardto future business. For our current purposes here is some of your requested information:

- FULL NAME AND ADDRESS Michael George Ockisard

2- OCCUPATION AND POSITION CEO, Methodist Laboratories, LLC

3- DATE OF BIRTH 25 December 1968

4- PRIVATE TELEPHONE AND FAX NUMBER (to enhance easy communication between us): TEL 504-338-6674 Cell, fax unavailable

5- HOME CONTACT ADDRESS:134 Veterans' Boulevard, Biloxi, MS 39532

The phone number is to an escort service in Hattiesburg, Mississippi; The address is a now-defunct strip club in Biloxi that was wiped out by Hurricane Katrina.

There's going to be a bewildered call girl somewhere taking calls from a guy with a thick African accent mumbling "Mike Ock Eees Aard".

I can be a real asshole sometimes.

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