Sunday, December 18, 2005

Sunday (Nigerian) Follies

God Grant Me a Stupid Enemy

Okay, you all know how it goes. I dedicate a small part of my day to tormenting African 419 spammers, because they are lazy bastards and refuse to get real jobs.

Anyhow, another one has crossed my bows, begging to be fucked with; I'm going to have some fun with him, because he's too stupid to keep his story straight. Ladies and Gents, how about a hand for Kpenga Daniel of Lome, Togo:

kpenga daniel wrote:
Dear Michael Ockisard ,

Good day to you

Thanks for your good response,How are you and about your family? hope all is well.

I will introduce myself once more to you.My name is Mr Basil willord(OOPS! HE FORGOT WHICH SCAM HE'S WORKING. DUMBASS)
i am married blessed with 4 children,i have two sons and two daughters. my house address is at 25 rue du golozine bagida lome.
Tim I see this as a favour from God ,I have been crying and thinking on how to get a faithful foreigner who will assist me to stand as next of kin for the effect transfer of this fund into his account,
so that i will sumitte it to the bank immedaitely i recieve it. i must tell you this transaction is 100% risk free With my position in the bank, i will provide all the illegal documents that covered the fund .I have perfectly done the little underground works to see the success of this claiming fund.
your full names....

[BLAH BLAH Will send you the pertinent paperwork]
....your's faithful,

Mr Kpenga Daniel.

Come On! This Guy's begging to be kicked!

Date: Sun, 18 Dec 2005 04:14:37 -0800 (PST)
From: "Michael Ockisard"
To: "kpenga daniel"

My Dear Basil,

What have you done to Kpenga? How did you manage to take over his client when the client is dead?Is something wrong? I am concerned!

Mike Ockisard

Let's see him wiggle his way out of this one.

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