Sunday, April 23, 2006

Begging for it...

See Spam Run

There's another victim waiting in the wings. I'm going to string him along for a bit before I post my correspondence; he's claiming he wants to invest a portion of the money he's supposedly moving. I'm going to see if I can bamboozle him into some very real, and very bad, investments. I need to do some research and pose as a scientologist or something.

I've also received an e-mail from some guy purporting to be a member of the Army's 1st Armored Division in Baghdad, trying to find an accomplice to shift some of Saddam's cash out of the country. This is a new twist in 419 scams I've only heard rumors about, but it appears to be true. They're now posing as American soldiers to lend themselves credibility, and it pisses me off. I'm really going to whack this guy's peepee. With a 12-lb. sledge. I almost miss some of my old spammers, like the feller who tried to convince me he was sending e-mails from a REFUGEE CAMP. The whole spam-baiting subculture seems to be forcing them to wise up, not to mention their exploits are well-known enough that their pool of victims is becoming increasingly cynical.

That being said, the fuckers are as resilient as the Vietcong. It's not as if their work is too hard, they can accomplish their work in the relative comfort and ease of an internet cafe. In fact, Nigerian culture elevates and idolizes those who get rich without putting in any sort of hard work. Even if it's becoming more difficult to make game of these sods, this wouldn't be any fun if it weren't challenging.


demented baboon said...

These guys deserve whatever peepee whacking you can give them. Good luck.

Addie Lawson said...

Holy Shit Batman! Lots of intel there....eviscerate that creep.