Saturday, May 27, 2006

The Truth Shall Bitch-Slap You

Durka Durka, Poser Jihad

Our willowy "Ranger" Friend simply doesn't know when to call it a day. Instead of piping down and accepting that he isn't going to fool anyone, old boy has decided to commit even more fraud, posting a badly edited copy of his discharge form from the Army:

Dumbass didn't even redact his Social Security Number before scanning it. He also scrawled some sweet nothings at the bottom of the page.

Notice that the remarks in blocks 11 and 13, the "Primary Specialty" and "Decorations, Medals, Badges...." sections, the typeface is different from the rest of the form. For the moment I will focus on Block 11.

The Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) of an infantryman in the Army is 11B, verbally Eleven Bravo. An official document is not going to spell it out phonetically. Ranger is an additional MOS, which would be added to the 11B. IF he were a Ranger under the rank of Sergeant it would go down as 11B1V. The remark for Ranger qualification would apparently fall under Block 13.

Under Awards, etc. Most conspicuously missing are run-of-the mill service awards that would be earned in time of service, campaign medals, etc. All he has listed is a dubious purple heart with amplifying remarks that would not fall under awards. "shot during service" would clearly fall under medical records. The DD214 is a summary of service and discharge, not the be-all and end-all record of service.

Macbeth's 214 minus the bogus remarks reads as though for a recruit discharged during initial training for Failure to Adapt to military life (FTA). His Last Duty Assignment shows as the "BCTB 2D BN 47TH IN CO D". A recruit training command at Fort Benning, GA. Basic Combat Training is a course for non-infantry specialties in the Army (support troops). So he wasn't even in line to be a grunt! Character of Service is listed as Uncharacterized, which means he was separated with less than 180 days of service.

Macbeth's DD214 brought to you by: Seems Jesse edited his "service photo" too. Here is the unedited original:

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LawDog said...

Notice that the type on the document is all caps -- except in blocks 11 and 13.

This is what us extensively-trained investigative types call a "clue".

Someone needs to tell young Jesses to quit digging that hole any deeper.