Thursday, May 25, 2006

Punked out poser passed around the blogosphere

If the internet is a prison, we're trading him for packs of Kools

Ooh! Ooh! More uniform fuckups from ol' Ranger Jesse. This picture was
posted on his profile: (
Wait a minute, he's married. Don't tell
the wife and kid!)

Much more detail than the previous picture. From the head down:

1. Beret folded down over the wrong side of his head. The emblem over his right eye should be over his left.

2. Black T-shirts are not authorized for wear under Army BDU uniforms. The only service that gets away with it is the Air Force.

3. Pin-on metal collar rank insignia. The Army directs cloth sew-on patches with insignia of rank on BDU collars.

4. NAME PATCHES OVER WRONG POCKETS. In all services, the individual's name is sewn on over the right chest pocket, and the service is on the left.

5. Sleeve-roll. His sleeves are rolled outward, done only by the Marines and the Navy. The Army and Air Force roll their sleeves so that the outer material folds over into a cuff over the sleeve roll.

6. His BDUs appear to be a size or three two large, and unironed. No soldier worth his salt is going to sit for a photo with a uniform he just dragged out of the bottom of his duffel bag.

This guy is a classic example of the army-navy store operator, guys who get their lingo from dimestore action novels, their duds from Army-Navy stores, and tell anyone and everyone within earshot about their unbelievable, tall-tale exploits. As LawDog points out,

"Ladies, in my experience, hooking up with one of these critters never ends well. Most of the stories I run across wind up with the critter stealing property from the lady (both in minor and felony quantities), destroying her credit rating, wrecking her reputation, emptying her bank account, all the way up to physical, mental and emotional abuse, and even murder."

Guys like Macbeth lie themselves into a corner and then lash out sometimes in violent ways when cornered. This guy falls very neatly into LawDog's profile, thieving and abusing as described in earlier posts. I hope they bag him on one of his warrants before he bamboozles some poor unsuspecting soul into taking up with him. Or, even better, that genuine U.S. Army Rangers find him first and scrag him.

I'm glad that this sad sack is being roundly pimp-slapped across the blogosphere; his exposure is putting the sadly widespread phenomenon of both impostors and purveyors of wildly false allegations of the conduct of our Armed Forces under the microscope. This fraud was exposed in the blink of an eye. Sadly, perpetrators of the same fraud from the Vietnam era (think Kerry) took thirty years to expose and debunk, and the damage done is nigh irreparable. We owe it to ourselves and to those of us who have stood in the ranks to ensure that this guy and other "allegators" like Micah Wright and Jimmy Massey are exposed, ridiculed, and penalized.

Even after their allegations are solidly proven false, there are those within various antiwar movements who, hearing exactly what they want to hear, accept the con as gospel truth and repeat it over and over as a mantra until it is brainwashed into the easily manipulable as fact. These are dangerous people, corrosive to unity and poisonous to the soul of a society long since taken ill.

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LawDog said...

Ladies and gentlemen,
I'd like to point out one other subtle difference between the genuine photo, and the photo taken of Secret Squirrel:

Look a the American flags in both pictures.

Military pictures taken by military photographers of military folks will (in every case I'm aware of) have the American flag respectfully draped from an indoor flagpole. It is the case in my photos, and is clearly shown in Sgt. H's photo.

Now, look at the photo of Young Jesse. The American flag is either thumbacked to the wall, or it's hung off a clothesline.

No military photg that I kow of would tolerate this.