Friday, June 9, 2006

Beer, Bait, Ammo, and Combinations Thereof

One word: Don't

Just to clarify my title line. I do not advocate the use of alcohol and ammunition at the same time.

Beer and Bait are OK, so are Bait and Ammo, but NEVER Beer and Ammo.

Matter of fact, if you are going to spend some time squinting through the sights and squeezing the trigger, best not to have had any alcohol within 12 hours (at least). There are enough
Idiots With Guns already.

Just thinking about it makes me homesick. I can't wait to be home, catching up on lost range time and combing pawnshops for great deals on forlorn old guns (I have a soft spot for old bolt-action military surplus rifles; I take them apart completely; clean off years of grease, dirt, lead and powder deposits; I re-blue them and refinish the stocks sometimes, as long as they're not original, valuable pieces). I might even get into black powder shooting when I get home, old flintlocks and cap-lock guns, budget permitting. There's something intriguing about making your own cartridges and musket balls as opposed to buying your ammo for 10 bucks or more per 20 round box.

Instead, I have to content myself with Beer and Bait for the next two months, and the company of these criminals/fishermen:

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