Friday, June 9, 2006

On the immigration debate

Stomping into the minefield

"I will not call them guerrillas, they are savages. They persist in the belief that they are descended from the ancient Aztec people... This is to excuse their wanton savagery." (Sharpe's Gold, televised on BBC America.)

Just sayin'.


kissyface said...

wait, who said that?

Citizen H said...

From a BBC miniseries based on novels written by Bernard Cornwell. In this case, a French officer witnesses, and logs in his journal, several of his men being ritually butchered by Spanish guerrillas who seem maybe a wee bit too fond of Aztec culture.

Inflammatory words, to be sure, but every time I hear the words "La Raza" I think of just what that particular "Raza" was once infamous for.