Saturday, June 10, 2006

First tropical system of the season

Quick, Mayor Nagin! Lock up the buses

Well, it's that time again. Time for the denizens of the Deep South to rouse out the generators and plywood. For insane, last-minute scrambles to Winn-Dixie for steaks, beer and ice; time for long lines at the pumps and even more insane gas prices.

'Tis the season to loot Wal-Mart, fa la la la la, la la la la. At least if you're with the New Orleans Police Department.

Alberto, as this storm will be called when it reaches Tropical Storm strength, is expected to make its landfall in central Florida; no more than a capful of wind and a little bit of rain. Honestly, I'd rather weather a hurricane back home in Mobile.

Here on Okinawa, when typhoons threaten, bases go on lockdown and personnel are restricted to barracks or housing, as the case may be. No alcohol either. Too many idiots in the past have done breathtakingly stupid things while inebriated during typhoons here to allow any sort of slack. At least back home I can sit on the carport with a beer in one hand, tongs for the grill in the other, and laugh drunkenly as the streets turn into rivers while branches and trash blow everywhere. Filling sandbags in the run-up to a storm can be a royal pain in the ass, though.

Good Lord, I can't wait to get home. I knew that my Marine career had jumped the shark when I went home on leave last year and enjoyed every minute, instead of dying of boredom within a week as I used to do.

UPDATE: Tropical Storm Alberto it is. Hmm. They keep predicting an eastward dogleg. The storm doesn't seem to be playing ball with that prediction yet (11/1455Z JUN 06).

UPDATE THE SECOND: I spoke a little too soon. Alberto has turned north, maybe a point east of north now. Sorry for being a boob. -R.

Also, I notice that the image I linked from the NHC updates itself. How cool is that? Of course, as above, I may find myself choking down crow once in a while.


kissyface said...

When you think about it, Mobile's a funny name for a town that gets hit with hurricanes.

LawDog said...

If I remember correctly, when Hurricane Rita hit Texas, folks started looting in New Orleans.

Wonder if they've got that out of their system yet, or if they'll loot New Orleans again when Alberto hits Florida?

Citizen H said...

Probably precious little left to loot. Hopefully, this year when major storms beckon, the people of New Orleans won't need to be told twice to Get the Duck outta Fodge. Considering the idiocy of NOLA in re-electing Nagin, that may be a bit much to ask. He bungled it once, who's to say it won't happen again?