Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Latest Hiatus

Put the computer down and nobody gets hurt

Blogging, once again, will be light for at least the next week. I finally leave this island in two days. My stuff is all packed up and waiting to get loaded on a ship, to reach me at home sometime in the next few months; until then, I am holding my boy Alan's computer hostage to drop a few lines and take care of last-minute business. What Fun! Thirteen hours crammed into a sardine can airliner (the back of my hand to airline execs, may they rot in hell forever.) I miss my Navigator's seat already. Tons of legroom and a great view, to say nothing of enlightening conversation and budget booze on the Aircraft Commander's dime while on the ground.

A parting shot for the boys (you know who you are): Fuck You, Fuck You, Fuck You, You're Cool, Fuck You, I'm OUT.

Love and Kisses,



kissyface said...

congratulations! don't stay away too long...

LawDog said...

Safe trip and stay frosty.