Sunday, July 16, 2006

Snorkeling, again.

Last Tango at Maeda

Up to my usual fair-weather weekend hijinks. Undeterred by this sign,


I tagged along with a fairly large group of SCUBA students. The warning sign applies in adverse weather and during tide changes. Today was pleaseant and calm.With less than a week left on this rock, I'm kicking myself for not signing up for the class. Determined not to be a wet blanket, I struck off on my own for a short while at about 7:30 am, poking around the reef in waters varying from three feet to sixty feet deep for about an hour; after my friend Matt blew out an o-ring on his first-stage regulator, he couldn't dive again and joined me snorkeling in a heavily-trafficked cave about 300 yards up the shore from the Maeda overlook until about noon. A great day. Beautiful skies, clear water, and a full roll of film. Once I get my roll developed and scanned, look for footage of more waterborne idiocy featuring yours truly and a cast of hundreds (shit you not, by 9 this morning there were several hundred divers in the water and lining the steps from the Maeda Point overlook down to the water.)

Update: Heh.

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