Friday, July 7, 2006

Typhoon to-do about nothing

I fart in its general direction

This typhoon keeps tracking farther and farther west of here, we're only going to put up with a night of tropical storm-force winds, if that at all, over the next day or so. The winds started picking up last night and the base has officially gone apeshit, detailing off working parties and damage-control teams, issuing MREs, distributing sandbags, and other storm-preparation odds and ends.

If anything happens I'll update. If I don't post or update for a couple of days I'm probably drunk.

Update: The locals really don't seem to care about this. Kids are still in school, and business goes on as usual. Even had time to get a little bit of shopping in. This is by far the shittiest little low-rent typhoon or hurricane I've ever had to sit out. 40 mph winds here, no rain, oppressively hot. Blah.

Update the 2nd: BOHICA*. Here comes another one! I hope these damned things stop so I can finish my checkout and get my flight off this island.

Update the 3rd: 6:25 PM JST: We're now in TC-1C (Typhoon Condition 1-Caution). Which means anyone out of doors has to be in a helmet and flak jacket. A mere hatful of wind and I have to put up with THIS shit:

I have to have a helmet and flak, but they can't stop me from donning flip-flops or obnoxious silk hawaiian shirts. Neener Neener, fuckers.

Update the 4th: Oh no, we're all going to die!!!

Update the 5th: PS: Yes, everyone, that was me flying the homemade kite last night. Yes, I probably need to have my head checked.

Update the 6th: After action report: What a wimp storm! hardly any branches down. The sun's out and the water's calming down, so it's time for some catch-up beach time. Also, it looks as though "Bilis" (once again, WTF is that???) will be heading for Taiwan instead of here. I might have a weekend without the Typhoon Watch follies.
*: Bend Over, Here It Comes Again.


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