Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Bullets, and the dodging thereof

Neener Neener

Corps to Recall Individual Ready Reserve Marines

Seems this was signed off by The Boss on July 26th, the day after I got home on my terminal leave. A brief primer on the Individual Ready Reserve of the Marine Corps:

Upon one's initial enlistment, be it four, five, or six years, a recruit's enlistment contract entails an eight-year obligation of service to the Marine Corps; their years of active duty, followed by two to four years in the Individual Ready Reserve, which means that you are a civilian who has to call in once in a while to muster up and be accounted for. One can also voluntarily return to Active Duty or Selected Marine Corps Reserve status (the weekend-a month, two week AT a year unless mobilized crowd). One can also be involuntarily recalled to duty. Seems that Uncle Sam's Misguided Children are recalling Marines to the ranks in just this fashion.

While in Separations purgatory last month, I thought of extending my IRR obligation by a year. As I am, my End of Obligated Service fell last August, so I walked out the door with no obligation of service, having had a row in SEPS Company and storming directly out the door with my orders in hand, much to the relief of all (long story short, I upset the Company Gunny's applecart and stepped on a shoe-store full of toes while I was at Pendleton.) I can't be recalled. It's almost sad, I miss the life a little. Maybe when I start training up for my A&P license in January I'll be too engrossed in it to worry too much.

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