Wednesday, August 2, 2006


You! Out of the gene pool! Now!

I love this place, but the people leave me scratching my head. There are things I need to get used to once more, having spent the last year overseas:

1) Fat people. You almost never see them on Okinawa. The lifestyle and diet there aren't conducive to obesity. Here, however, nobody appears to be making the effort to slim down. Get off the titanium-reinforced barcalounger and swim a few laps, Shamu.

2) Driving in the States. I've already got driving on the right down again, but still keep mixing up my turn signal and windshield wiper controls. Not that anyone else in this fucking town uses a signal anyway. Peel your head way from the cell phone, then out of your ass, and then pay attention to your surroundings. I'm about to give up brake-checking and just start shooting tailgaters. To say nothing of the oblivious fools who never check their blind spots before changing lanes.

3) TV. On the other hand, why do I care? it's not like I ever watched TV much in the first place. At least I'm not stuck with AFN anymore.

4) Whiners. All I've heard so far from anyone (in fact the conversation-opener 99% of the time) has been whines about the heat. Yeah, it's in the 90s and a little muggy; however, after Okinawa's heat and humidity it's absolutely cool here. I have to run a few miles just to break a sweat. Maybe it comes down to fat lazy bastards who won't acclimate themselves. Turn the thermostat down and drink more water, everyone...

Heading down to the Gulf next week to unwind a little. I'm rested, acclimated, and on a good rest cycle. Resume's up-to-date and ready to rock, life is good!

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