Saturday, November 18, 2006

PS3 and spoiled brats

Unplug your damn kids

American consumers are a horde of fucking retards. Just look at the petty bullshit they'll do for a few pounds of electronics:

Violence Mars PS3 Launch

Ohio store robbed of five PS3s

Mob Of Hundreds Rush Orlando Mall For 16 PlayStation 3 Consoles

"Man" injured in PS3 promotion melee (quotes mine)

These damn things are retailing around $600. I can't believe people are camping out in line for them, except for the cynical bastards turning around and selling them for upwards of $6000. But even then I can't believe people are so impatient, or that their children are so spoiled, that they'll pay such a high price for a PS3 when they'll be in widespread circulation soon enough. Paying to give your kid something that will only encourage indoor obesity development. I have a better idea. Buy your kids some decent camping gear and send them outside for a weekend. While people were scrambling and reenacting the LA riots at Wal-Marts and Best buys across the nation, I got out to stretch my legs a bit, and go off the grid for a while:


A Soldier's Girl said...

A few idiots I sling trays with were babbling about getting the Wii, or whatever other game system is hot right now.

They're up to their eyeballs in credit card debt, haven't got their cars paid off, and are living literally table to table and I flat out called them stupid. Needless to say, I was pulled aside and told that I needed to work on my tact.

It's not my fault they're dumb, but I can't tell them that.

Citizen H said...

I hear you. My greatest expense lately has been a new Kayak. It'll probably last me 20 years, while those idiots go around buying every new flavor of the month console and its attendant games.