Saturday, December 9, 2006

Kayaking Chickasaw Creek

Eat my wake

Hitting the water again, today I put into Chickasaw Creek at Tucker's Launch on Hwy. 43. Out and back to Chickasabogue Park, with a brief detour down the west side of Robber's Island to the mouth of Eightmile Creek. GPS track showed 6.82 miles covered over approximately three hours, a languid 2.75-mph average pace once you factor out the half an hour or so I spent stopped on various sandbars and at Chickasabogue Park.

Google Earth says:

I went upstream on the way out, but it was slack water and there was no current to speak of, having set out at the tail-end of the ebb tide.

Weather was sunny and cool (40s to low 50s), and winds were light and variable; the water was as calm as a mill-pond, making for some great reflections.

It was a spectacular day to be out. It's a pity it had to end sometime, but I stretched my outing almost all the way to dusk:

I'll be dropping out for a couple of days. Stepping off tomorrow for two days of camping, hiking, and kayaking around St. Stephens Lake Park and the Tombigbee River.

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