Saturday, January 27, 2007

Wrecked (UPDATED)

See you in court, Einstein

Damn. I can't go on a five-minute drive to the store without getting rear-ended around here. Car's totaled. Not the Toronado*, but my daily-driver Alero. Rear-ended by a stupid redneck hosebag who was attempting to light a cigarette in her truck WITH A MATCH, at 45-50 mph if not faster, on a wet road in the rain.

The back of my car was completely stove in, and I was showered with broken glass when the rear windshield imploded. I'm unhurt, but did get some minor cuts getting out of the car.

Now, as to the other driver, she was driving on a suspended license. Got busted up something good too, cut lip and bruises on her face. She tried to get me to hold off on calling the police until her "boyfriend" could turn up and take responsibility (the aforementioned suspended license). I told her no, and went into the store to call 911 after telling her to sit tight and not go anywhere.

When I returned, she was nowhere to be found. The truck was there, but not the idiotic, mouth-breathing, in-bred hosebag. This goes to show you the idiotic mindset of the locals here. She had run away. Somehow she got word to her beau, who turned up anyway, probably still planning to claim HE was behind the wheel. But the genius pulled up five minutes after the PD had made its appearance on the scene. So that's a whole 'nuther ball of wax. I finished filling out the witness statement and got a ride home with the tow-truck driver.

On a side note, if you are military or former military, there's no good reason for you not to be insured by USAA. Thus far, they have been nothing but top-notch, taking the accident report, reserving me a rental car and setting up a meet with the adjuster. Not to mention, offering the best rates I have ever paid.

*- The Toronado would have taken the hit intact, annihilating the other truck. I've been rear-ended in it and repaired the damage with chrome polish and a buffer. It's the Chuck Norris of cars.

UPDATE 29 January:

Finally got to remove my belongings from the car. A royal pain, what with all the shattered glass everywhere. The Adjuster is going to get a hold of the car tomorrow. Here are some pictures of the damage. It's a lot worse than it looks. Rear wheel and suspension pressed to the passenger door jamb, roof-line smashed and bent out of true, it's not as though this is a car on a chassis that can be straightened. The downside of unit-body construction. The metalwork involved in straightening this out will cost more than the car itself.

Update 1 February: Looks like the worthless white-trash piece of shit who owns the truck lapsed his insurance policy. I Doubt that I'll even recover the cost of the deductible from those losers. It should be perfectly legal to shoot uninsured drivers, because it's too much of a hassle to try and recover losses from them. Matter of fact, the next worthless turd to hit me, and not be insured, will be the lucky recipient of a "Timberland Facial" (Thanks, Iowahawk!)before LE turns up.


steve said...

I recall commenting on the Toronado. I take it thatit is more than a "Yard Gnome" now.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about your lost, but glad to hear that you're okay. I got the same insurance, I'm sure you get a settlement soon.

Citizen H said...


It's a Garden gnome with a gutted engine bay. Rebuild proceeding apace.

Dick said...

Yep, nothing like getting nailed by a dirtbag.
Hope your insurance covers everthing.