Sunday, January 21, 2007

Bloody Hell! I've been memed!

Johnny on the spot

Apparently Lawdog seems to think I don't have enough going on in my life, so he's tagged me with a meme that's going currently making the rounds. I normally loathe this form of chain-letter idiocy, but this sounds interesting. It's not the usual "Forward this or bad bad things will happen to you" nonsense. That being said, it sounds like a fun piece of self-examination. HEre it is:

"Share five off the wall, strange, unusual or just little-known facts about yourself. Then you "tag" five other bloggers who are supposed to do the same thing".

I'm sure I can drag together at least five.

1) I am ADD, yet never have been prescribed Ritalin or any other mind-altering substances in that vein. I think hyperactivity is part of my charm, so I don't favor medication OOH, SHINY!

Well, where was I an hour ago? Oh yeah. The meme.

2) I absolutely cannot sing. Odd, considering that I've been told by some, from high school all the way to the present, that I have the sort of voice that would go over well in broadcasting. Yet, on the occasions when I have been prompted to sing, lynch mobs have formed. So don't look for me on American Idol. Ever.

3) I have an unhealthy addiction to grits with tomato gravy and Tabasco. I could eat that three meals a day.

4) I'm claustrophobic. But only in large crowds. So you never see me in packed bars or at large gatherings such as Mardi Gras parades. Especially since I can't pack heat to either one.

5) I was raised partly in New Zealand, long enough to pick up some uniquely British turns of speech and, more to the point, to find myself lapsing into them when I'm "pissed".

Now for the tagging, because I'm just a prick that way:

Conservative Scalawag
B.D.(of course, this guy's post could be a bit of a blogospheric liability).

Get to work, Suckas!


steve said...

Funny I should find a tag here as I come by to beg the pardon of a true Southern Gentleman. I always enjoy your comments over at Charm School. You confirmed my sense that my comment was inappropriate and I respect that. I respect it a lot. If you have looked at my blog this last few days, you will find that I am no stranger to putting my foot into my mouth. I'll do the tag, and be back.

kissyface said...

funny you should tag steve, since i do believe he's the reason i wrote that list of my own.

who gave you an ADD diagnosis? thank the lord you never got put on Ritalin. that drug's a killer, and should be banned for children. it's just wrong. makes you fat and gives you brain damage. on top of it, i used to do transcription for a state psychologist who told me that the diagnostic criteria for ADD and depression/anxiety are the same. some people in that profession think it's a bogus disorder.

but we do give kids dangerous amounts of sugar, processed and chemicalized food, nintendo, television, and insufficient exercise and sleep, so what does everyone expect? but what's your excuse? i'd think a guy who spent that much time in a kayak would be mel-low.

Citizen H said...

Well, it's speculated, but it fits the pattern. As far as kayaking, I'm only mellow for a short while afterwards, since I have to return home from my kayak trips through streets trafficked by the dumbest people to ever be signed off for a driver's license.

kissyface said...

ahh. well, come try driving in Los Angeles sometime. here your road rage will explode and then you can decide to go with that or let it go.

i recommend letting it go where you are; it's much better for you. i know, i used to get quite ticked and sometimes find myself slipping, except that know when i do, i usually just laugh at myself. cause there ain't no point in wasting the energy and precious heartbeats.

just imagine you're still kayaking when you get into your car and step into the rest of your life, the road conditions will improve. i guarantee it.

Anonymous said...

I've never tried grits with tomato gravy before! Sounds delicious. Usually I just drown them in butter, salt and pepper, and mix them with eggs if I'm eating that as well.