Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Hillary: Whatever she wants to be


A major problem with 24-hour, worldwide news coverage is that major politicoes' campaign stops are on the air within minutes, if not live. Hillary Clinton has a major problem with this. It wouldn't be a problem if she weren't so obviously sucking up to the locals at every stop. The most notable examples of late have been:

-Her affected and, frankly, offensive southern twang at a stop in Selma, Alabama on March 4th.

-Her flaccid attempt to compare herself to claim she's a new JFK over this past weekend. This just in from beyond the grave:"Bitch, Please."

And apparently her 1998 boogeyman, the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, is back. Hey, Hill: Did we ever leave?


Anonymous said...

We, the soldiers and sycophants of the VRWC, been waiting for you, Hillary.

Be afraid. Be very afraid!

*Evil cackle*

Anonymous said...

This woman is a complete an utter nut job. She is so desperate to get into the White House she is willing to just about anything.

It's sorta of pathitic really. But, scary she might accually have a chance of getting voted in.