Thursday, March 22, 2007

Still here

A Simple Life

Here are some random thoughts/ goings-on that I haven't had the wherewithal to string into a post lately:

-I bought the Jag. It's not a bad car, and I've driven it and worked on it enough of late to know what I'm dealing with.

-Insurance issues stemming from the accident have been resolved. I'm in good shape and no longer have to worry about a car note.

-Spring break has come and gone and I accomplished a glorious, big, fat nothing. It was nice to have a few down-days.

-Pollen has become a royal pain in the ass for me. As have the pin oak leaves that seem to fall by the bagload this time of year. But when life gives you lemons, make lemonade: I've taken the bagged leaves and started a compost pile out back, staking down a flimsy 25-foot spool of chicken wire to make a 6 by 6-foot enclosure. At least now I won't have to blow a ton of money on potting soil or fertilizer. Besides, it's more gratifying to make your own, even if it takes a while.

-Speaking of the which, the azaleas and jasmine are doing great. The grapevines (fruitless, more's the pity) the previous owner planted to grow along the sides of the house are just starting to burst into leaf. I've missed spring. Living in Texas I never really noticed it. Fort Worth seemed to go straight from summer to winter and back. At least here in Lower Alabama there are perceptible seasons.


kissyface said...

Composting? Aytch, are you turning into a hippie? HAHAHAHA! Don't forget to throw in all your veggies, table scraps, old bread, jack-o-lanterns, etc. I compost in my backyard. Makes for lovely potting soil, and it's organic, well, especially if your food is.

Oh shit, did I just make you want to stop?

Citizen H said...

Nah. I'm going to press. Besides, I learned it from my grandfather, not from some patchouli-reeking, Birkenstock-wearing slacker.