Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Channeling General Ripper

Here's a nice, comforting little snippet of news today:

Air Force mistakenly flies 6 nuclear weapons over U.S.

I'm not as concerned with 6 nukes in the air on a B-52; BUFFs spent almost forty years keeping an airborne nuclear presence over North America. The accidental drops that have occurred haven't led to any lasting damage, since nukes have a mind-boggling array of safeties to prevent accidental detonation.

What I want to know is, how the fuck did they bugger up accountability on six 150-kiloton nuclear warheads? Are the rest of our nukes in the hands of a bunch of slackers who can't be bothered to account for their inventory at any moment?

I can't help but wonder. Maybe the Air Force left it in the hands of idiots like these:

On the other hand, the aviation ordnance crew who loaded the missiles onto the planes might have had something else on their minds:


Anonymous said...

Just remember you can't lost with LT.

Mrs. Who said...

My hubby wondered if possibly the nukes are being moved for an attack on Iran...word got out and they chose to appear ignorant to deflect attention.

But then again, I was in the AF and I can tell a tale or two...

Citizen H said...

Not likely. They can fly out of Minot on a bombing run just as easily as from Barksdale. Anyway, B-52s often go to Diego Garcia (in the middle of the Indian Ocean) to stage for Middle East missions anyway.

I still have no doubt they're as fucked up as a football bat.

steve said...

Purity of Essence!