Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A day off!

About Time

Finally, for the first time in a month, I had a true day off. Only one morning class first thing, and my first reprieve in a week and a half from work. With the weather beginning to cool, I've wanted an opportunity to take the kayak out for weeks. I haven't been out since July 4th, and that was the only time I've taken her out since Memorial Day. I didn't want to blow a quarter-tank of gas driving to the Gulf and back, so I went over to Big Creek Lake for a nice afternoon constitutional. Nine miles in two hours down to the dam and back.

Since I haven't been out much in the last four months, my hands blistered up in half an hour. It's nice to be able to reach down into the water to cool them off and take a paddle break again.

You'd think after such a long time with minimal exercise I'd be winded quickly. If I hadn't quit smoking a week ago I would have been out of breath in half a mile, but I kept up the pace the entire time except for picture-taking. I think I'm past it, this time-- the best I managed before in previous attempts to quit was two days.

I needed the de-compression. Sitting on my ass squandering a day off wears me out even more for some reason. That could also be the combination of full-time work and a full course load.

The recent light posting hasn't been because the muse has absconded; the muse is trying to help me keep up with the schoolwork. The classes are easy enough, but the work assignments and the extremely time-consuming Physics Lab clobber up every minute of effort not devoted to work, which involves dealing with inner-city ghetto stupidity these days. Don't ever work retail downtown in cities with large numbers of semi-literate, intractable minorities with senses of entitlement. Especially when company policy prohibits carrying firearms on company property. Bet none of those assholes work in high-crime areas.

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