Thursday, November 15, 2007

Yet another Darwin Award candidate

Hold my beer and watch this

You'd figure that a vacuum cleaner, with its electric motor and spark potential, would be ruled out by anyone looking to siphon gas out of a car. Tell this idiot in New Mexico. He's lucky to be alive, having been blown out of his garage and into his yard.

Money quote from the article:
"The house was condemned by the city after a team found the roof was lifted off and some walls displaced several inches by the blast, Paiz said."

This isn't the first automotive Darwin Award candidate to come forward this week; a few days ago Conservative Scalawag had a piece up about a genius who, unable to free a lug nut to take off his car's wheel, blasted it with a 00 buck shotgun shell, critically injuring himself in the process. No word on the condition of the car.

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Anonymous said...

Yet another case to prove that God really does look after fools and morons.