Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Toronado rebuild begins

Project Car Hell

After a year and a half of procrastination, I've begun work on the Toronado. I'm clearing out the engine compartment to hoist the mill out right now, so I can get it out to a machine shop and have everything re-done. This is going to be a full refit for the engine; the only original parts that will remain will be the block, heads, cam, crank, and manifolds. Everything else will be brand-spanking new.

One more day of work and I'll be ready for an engine hoist. Today I cleared off the carb and intake, removed all the accessories (except for the compressor) from the front of the engine, and pulled the radiator and fan shroud. The first step in the Great Engine Bay Gutting of 2008 has been taken.

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