Sunday, February 3, 2008

Life In the Deep South

There's a Retard Born Every Minute

On the way back from a kayak trip today, I chanced on some hunters on their way home in traffic with a blind on a trailer.

Never, in my entire life, have I seen anyone take a goddamn fucking port-a-john, paint it camo, sawz-all loopholes in three sides, and mount it on a cart with ATV wheels to trailer it into the field. This defied comprehension. This was "mama is your aunt too" redneckery at its worst. Hard proof that meth does not smoke itself.

If I had pictures of this travesty I would post them. As it was, getting to my camera in my gear bag(conveniently stashed in the truck bed) would have meant a stop. From now on, my camera rides shotgun. This was unreal. But not unexpected.


Anonymous said...

You must have come across some of my dad's family there in Alabama. They are good people, a little slow, but don't mean any harm.

Noel said...

All I'm gonna say is, "wow".

See you Tuesday.

steve said...

Doncha know momma's gonna be right pleased to have the Bathroom back now!
at least till next season.
Hey Citizen!