Friday, February 29, 2008

Toronado work progresses

I'm off!

So it begins. I finally got a hoist and an engine stand, so today I'm making the final preparations to pull the engine out. Disconnecting and clearing electrics, draining the engine, removing the starter, and scratching my head trying to figure out how the hell I'm going to unbolt the torque converter when there's no access cover. Guess they expect me to fit a wrench (and turn it) through the 2" diameter inspection hole.

Beyond that, I'm pretty happy to finally make real progress. Seeing this magnificent car sit in the driveway and rot has been pretty depressing.

Gory automotive dismemberment pictures to follow!

In happier days:

UPDATE: More progress today. Converter's unbolted, so's the forward engine mount. Unfortunately, the guys who were supposed to help me run the hoist today weaseled out, so I have to content myself with what few final preparations I made today.

Four bellhousing bolts and four hood hinge bolts from now I'm going to have this bastard out. The drivetrain won't be supported without the engine in, so I had to rig a cargo strap to hold the transmission, differential, and CV shafts up now that the bottom half is unbolted.

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