Sunday, March 2, 2008

Engine Out

Now I can accomplish something. After three years of delays (lack of funding, deployments, and plain ol' procrastination) I'm making genuine progress getting the Lead Sled back up and running.

Manifolds and heads off! The bottom end is good and firm, no runout to speak of; I won't have to re-grind the crank, just need to put in fresh bearings. The pistons and cylinder bores are another story.

#7 piston had a nice chunk burned out of its edge, down to the ring lands; it must have just burned away, because there's no scoring or cracking in the cylinder itself:

#8, I have no clue what happened. These deposits also left enough rust pitting on the cylinder wall that I'll probably have to bore it .010 over just to reach smooth metal:
Everything's garaged for the week, until I consult with a machine shop and hammer out a price for all the work that needs doing.

1 comment:

soubriquet said...

#8 :- head gasket coolant seep?
Good luck with the rebuild, I'll be back to see it progress.