Thursday, April 10, 2008

Dog River, 8 APR 08

Bataan Death Paddle

I haven't been out on Dog River since December 2006, when I only went five miles downriver, wimped out, and paddled back. This time I was determined to paddle its entire length from its headwater near Navco Road to Mobile Bay and back. 15 miles in four hours, give or take:

Since I haven't been out in a couple of months, this was especially grueling. Something's wrong with my right shoulder, which continually reminded me that it was pissed off from about mile 6 onward. Still, not a bad way to spend my first off-day in a couple of weeks!

Approaching the yacht club and bridge:

There was a small craft advisory out in the bay, just a bit of a swell running. Got hairy for a few minutes while I went out a short distance past the bridge:

Taken as I turned about and put the bridge in my wake:

Pelican on the wing:

Exhausting. Grueling. I wouldn't change a thing.


GATC said...

Sweet, ......very envious! I am booked for the next several weekends doing scout outings with the boys. I hope to hit the trail again in May.

Dave Mows Grass said...

Howdy! My uncle Steve over at Bulletholes sent me here after I got on a kayak kick. I just bought a small sit-on-top for hitting the local bass lakes. Damn, what fun! I'll try to get some pics up of how we do it here in Arkansas.

Good stuff!