Thursday, July 10, 2008

What I've been up to

If I have any readers left

The last two months have been busy. I quit a job I loathed. Correction: I quit a job I liked because the customers were pieces of shit.

After two years of school, I finally hammered out enough student aid to cover the next academic year and not have to work; in fact, I'll be making more money going to school full-time than I did working 40 hours a week. Fucking south Alabama wages.

Been kayaking more often of late. After stopping smoking for good several months back I gained 20 pounds and am struggling to burn them back off.

I also scrounged the money to continue working on the Toronado. Last night I finished stripping the block down, got the pistons out, uncapped the main bearings, and removed the crankshaft. All that's left is a bare block, ready for the machine shop:

More to follow. I'm currently breaking down the cylinder heads. Look up my Jag head rebuild in last July's archives to see what that entails.


Dave Mows Grass said...

I've checked in a few times hoping for more kayaking pics. I've got the same bug. My Gordian Knot is that the same thing that is making the rivers flow in mid-July is also making the grass grow. Such is the life of a mower man. Anyway, I've got you linked up.


Anonymous said...

Good to hear that you quite, doing the same myself. Been about 2 weeks without(okay one or two)smoking.

Good luck on the Jag back together.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back sir; just figured the horsey lady was keeping you occupied. No excuse necessary.

steve said...

Me and my son replaced the motor mounts on his car. It was fun...i don't usually attempt projects that are that big (to me) but the shop wanted $350 to do it.

My son said at a party he went to that night he ran into a girl that needed hers done and the shop told her $700. He told her he would do it for $300.
i said 'Did you kiss her"
he said "No"
i said "you're an Amateur, shoulda kissed her"
These kids today...I don't know.

bulletholes said...

Shit, son you must be in it deep!