Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Whoppers? Who cares?

"Whopper Virgins" for a reason

Burger King's "Whopper Virgins" ad campaign

America is obese enough already, and now BK is trying to peddle their awful shit to the rest of the world as an advertising gimmick. Come on! Hmong tribesmen and Romanian farmers don't need that shit.

And isn't there an overtone of condescension in the ads too? "Oh, you're just a backwater rube, try this because you've never had it this good."

Taste is one thing, but ingesting all that fat that normally isn't in their diets? Fuck. I'd rather sell them machine guns than the ability to turn themselves into Mississippi- and Alabama-style lardasses. I can't even stomach fast food anymore.

BK has been bad enough since they resurrected the Burger King and his creepy plastic pedo-smile. Now this?

This is a case of marketing run amok. Advertising has gone too far for years. If you had anything to do with this project and are reading this, go kill yourself. Now. Spare the world the trouble.


kissyface said...

I want to know how many of those people got moderately to really sick from all that sugar and processed meat afterwards. BK gives me GI tract cramps, I can't imagine what they'd do to an Inuit.

Citizen H said...

Well, the Inuit eat seal meat and blubber, so I imagine the grease doesn't bother them much. The Hmong and the Romanians, however...

Princess Natasha said...

All I eat is fat. However, it is natural fat, not the Frankenstein crap they offer at BK. So, the damn Macedonians or Serbs or whoever they had in the ad probably thought:"OK, this shit is nasty and fake, but WTF, we are gonna make some money on tee-vee, why not?"