Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Fowl River 9 DEC 08

Icy Hot is my friend

I've been paddling these waters for over 2 years now, but haven't once tried out Fowl River. This is a unique little river. About a mile and a half inland it forks north and south. The southern branch, known as West Fowl River, runs nine miles south and west to empty into Mississippi Sound. The northern branch just trails off toward Tillman's Corner, but it's a nice run. In four hours today I covered 15 miles, still working up to the planned 27-miler. I feel great! Kicking up the paddle trips a notch, in addition to some minor dietary changes (practically eliminating caffeine and sugar) have me feeling great. Not to mention, finals are over, so I can take it easy for a short while.

Launch: Fowl River Marina
Route: Upriver past Bellingrath Gardens, then north to Fowl River Rd. bridge, and back.
Time: 4 hours, distance 15 miles.
Weather: Overcast and warm with intermittent heavy rain.

This is Fowl River, so here are some pictures of foul weather and waterfowl:

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