Monday, October 4, 2010


Longest hiatus yet

When the shit hits the fan in my life this is the first thing to go. I'm more accustomed to using Facebook for posting purposes, since I haven't felt nearly as long-winded or as willing to waste time with Blogger's clunky, slow HTML interface. That said, here's a rundown of where I've been since February:

1) Spring semester sucked ass. Or more correctly, I sucked ass and did very bad things to my GPA. Digging out of that hole now.

2) Work on the Toronado ground to a halt for ~6 months. Back on it. Engine rebuilt and ready to drop in, prepping the car to take it now. Pictures below.

3) Alienated quite a few people in my life. I miss some of them dearly, but there are many others I wouldn't cross the street to help if they were lying on it in a bloody heap within an inch of death. You know who you are, so feel free to play a game of Hide and Go Fuck Yourselves.

That said, how about some gratuitous car porn?

In addition to the engine build, a total suspension and brake rework is in the offing, once I find a little more time. The interior is completely stripped. New carpet on the way, a new headliner as well, and the seats and panels are cleaned. New weatherstrip laid up today. Hoping to have her running before the end of the month and fully kitted out before Christmas.

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GATC said...

Welcome back man. I have similar feelings about the pain of blogging, but I haven't quite gotten the Facebook bug. Hang in there.