Thursday, January 13, 2011


And she sounds PISSED

Finally, nearly six years to the day since her 455 last shook my neighbors' windows, the Toronado is running again.

The last few months saw a flurry of activity-- re-re-assembling the engine after finding out I had messed up my piston ring installation, a full brake and suspension upgrade, and squaring away the wiring. Yet to be done are completing the interior (in the immediate run all that are going back in are the front seat and dash,) and welding up the rust holes the vinyl top "donated" to the quarter pillars. The Landau top will stay off, and everything above the hood is getting a touchup. The rust holes and the dings on the decklid and quarters are going to be history.

First stop on the road: Mobile Memorial Gardens. Dad needs to hear this thing. The Funeral director might get a little pissed at me for opening up the throttle in the middle of a cemetery and waking the dead. Maybe I'll be responsible for the Zombie Apocalypse, this thing has a throaty exhaust note that can definitely wake the dead!

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