Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Hiatus (and morphine-induced haze)

Sorry, all! Just spent the last six days in the hospital. I was stupid enough to let an easily-cured condition get out of hand, and wound up with a staph infection. Two hours of surgery to remove a badly abcessed cyst, a truckload of IV antibiotics to make the staph infection my bitch, and a few days of observation in the hospital on top of all that. Woo-hoo. At least they loaded me chock-a-block full of painkillers. Right now I'm on Percocet (and the morphine shot I got this morning before the dressing change on the wound feels purty good too).

Now that I'm out of the hospital, I have three weeks of convalescent leave to look forward to. Time to continue this quitting-smoking-thingy, as long as medical keeps bankrolling my nicotine patches. Hadn't had a cigarette i nthree days when I was discharged this morning. Bummed one. Remembered how nasty the damn things are. Spent ten f---ing minutes brushing my teeth afterwards. Hopefully no more of that...

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