Monday, December 12, 2005

Scammer-Baiting, continued

Because Mom Always Told Me I Needed A Hobby

Just received an e-mail from a guy claiming to be a Ghanaian whose father was killed by "coastal pirates" and wants my help shifting $45 million out of Ghana for a 30% cut. When are these idiots ever going to learn? We're on to them. There's a rapidly growing subculture of "Mugu*-Baiters" who spend time and intellectual effort scamming the 419 scammers. You can't imagine the absurd hoops you can make these scammers jump through if they think they can get even the smallest amount of money from you.

Since "Paul Petersern" hasn't replied to my offer to assist him a couple of days ago (see the post below. I may have laid it on a little too thick), I am going to reprise my role as Mike Ockisard, the diminutive Senior Partner and erstwhile Director of METHodist LABoratories of Trayler Park, Mississippi.

Mugu-baiting fun to follow!


* A few definitions are in order:

Mugu- Generic West African term meaning "dupe" or "idiot"
Guymen- Nigerian 419 Scammers call themselves this
Don- An accomplished 419 Scammer. Usually with a number of subordinates, arranged in a pyramid like some flavor-of-the-month direct marketing business scheme.
419- Nigerian legal code Part 6, Section 34, Paragraph 419 deals with fraud and intent to defraud.
Pity the fuckers don't enforce it.

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