Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Beatings will continue until service improves


You have half an hour for lunch. Deciding on takeout, you call ahead to a barbecue joint conveniently located 5 minutes' drive from work to place an order, ensuring a short turnaround when you pick up your food.

Check your pulse and blood pressure when you reach the place and have the following conversation:

"Hi, pickup for Hardin."

"Ok, that's $9.73".

(I pony up for the food and glance behind the counter for a marked bag. No dice. WTF?)

"Sir, you are order 174. Here's your ticket."

"Wait a moment, I called ahead! Why isn't my order ready?"

"It'll be ready in a moment." (Note: At that time they were only just serving order 163).

Do you

A) Wait it out, since you already paid, never mind you could end up late returning to work?

B) Storm out the door with a sneer of contempt for the horde of retards working the tables and register?

C) Neuter the clerk behind the counter with a hammer and a rusty chisel so he can't pass on his deep imbecility?

I was too pissed off to make a choice.

I was breaking out in a fucking sweat, suppressing the urge to leap over the counter and throttle the semi-literate homey behind the counter who couldn't even puzzle out the premise of a call-in order. Long story short, by the time I finally got my order, I only had ten minutes left to get back to work and eat.

So, frankly, as good as the food is, The abysmal service at Saucy Q in Mobile isn't worth it. Spare yourself the trouble, especially if you're in anything resembling a hurry.

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