Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Squeal, bitch

Remember Jesse Macbeth?

The boot-camp-washout posing as an Army Ranger and going on film claiming he committed atrocities under orders?

Well, Dumbass is in custody (or at least he was arrested and is out on bail) in Washington State on the assault rap (rumor has it, for beating his wife and violating a protective order) that he skipped out on back in May. Apparently he's scheduled for trial on January 4th. I just hope the Feds get their hooks in him too for attempting to claim VA benefits with his forged DD214.

Hah. Cocksucker.


A Soldier's Girl said...

Yay! Now, let's get the rest of the fuckin' idiots.

Er. Hi. Stumbled my way here from Lawdog.

Grumpyunk said...

Don't worry about Jessie. He still has his Sooper Ninja Ranger Powers. My guess is that the forthcoming prison atrocities won't be making the news.

Got here via SondraK. Nice blog.