Thursday, November 9, 2006

Post-election ruminations

Karl Rove must be taking a bath with his toaster

Once again, I wanted things to simmer down before I composed my thoughts, prior to smearing them all in my usual unorganized fashion all over a post (not unlike monkeys flinging feces at the zoo, as you all well know).

Oh well. In bullet points to minimize the multi-paragraph rants:

-The GOP. Wow, did they ever slam their cranks in the door these last few years. Abandoning their base and their core principles by jacking up Federal spending/ manpower to epic proportions, courting people who shouldn't even be in this country, and generally tiptoeing through the political tulips of handling a very messy war. Should have left it to the generals this time, fellas. You are reaping what you sowed. See this as an opportunity to unfuck yourselves.

-Democrats. You have the ball. But spare me the "New Direction" bushwa. That assumes we were even going anywhere in the first place. Thanks to your petulant obstruction over the last several years, very little has actually been done, at home or abroad. Make yourselves useful this time and quit currying favor with your far left(same goes for the GOP too. Enough of the fringe elements).

-Voters. Low turnouts. IF you didn't go to the polls, I don't want to hear your whining for the next two years. If you do hold forth on politics, and I find out you didn't vote, I will beat you senseless with a Diebold machine.

-Media. Still reeking of bias. Your ratings are in the shitter not because of some vast conspiracy but your absolute lack of objectivity. Go break your TelePrompters and slash your wrists.

I feel cheated somehow. The same herd of hacks and whores on the ballot, the same lack of genuine action in statehouses nationwide and on Capitol Hill, every spit going to political infighting. It's term-limit time, everyone. Mickey Mouse will probably make a strong showing at the polls in '08 as a write-in. Real leaders won't sully their hands with politics, so until an across-the-board sweep of every level of government is accomplished, things will only remain the same or continue to atrophy.


The Frito Pundito said...

I'd like to know how you can deem the Democrats obstructionists when for the past four years the Republicans have had control of both houses of Congress and the Presidency, and the GOP would draft and pass legislation with absolutely ZERO input from the the Dems (see the Rolling Stone article on the Worst Congress ever to see how thoroughly the Dems were frozen out of the legislative process). Supreme Court nominations? Um, they all went through with comfortable margins. Social Security reform? I seem to recall that there was never any legislation actually submitted on this issue so the Dems never had a chance to be obstructionist. Any inaction on the part of the Congress or the Presidency is all the GOPs fault.

But hey, let's look at some of the things that did go through that probably shouldn't have:

The Bankuptcy Bill, the Wiretapping Bill, the Energy Bill.

Nice obstructionism, Dems.

Citizen H said...

So, the dems never had a chance to be obstructionist? Pull your head out of your ass and remember one word, heard VERY frequently over the last several years: Filibuster. Bogging down legislative sessions over judicial nominations REPEATEDLY over the last several years.

A breakdown from the Center for Individual Freedom, just for you, for Judicial nomination filibusters from 1968 to 2003:

88.35% of the votes for judicial nomination filibusters come from Democrats;

Democrats pursue nearly five times as many filibusters as Republicans, with three times the support;

98.11% of the votes to filibuster Republican nominations come from Democrats, while 55.1% of the votes to filibuster Democrat nominations come from Republicans;

95% of the 40 Senators who have never voted for a judicial nomination filibuster are Republicans, 5% are Democrats;

The 10 current Senators who backed filibuster reform in 1995 now support judicial nomination filibusters 65.7% of the time; and

Democrats vote for judicial nomination filibusters an average of 64.9% of the time, Republicans 2.6% of the time.

Constant obstrucionism from the Dems, actually. Thanks for stopping by. Maybe you should quit taking talking points from Fire Dog Lake.