Friday, November 3, 2006

What. The. Hell?

Falafel, Sodomy, and the Lash

In case anyone wonders why I won't be converting to Islam any time soon:

Saudi court sentences rape victim to 90 lashes

A Saudi court has sentenced a gang rape victim to 90 lashes of the whip because she was alone in a car with a man to whom she was not married.

This is where I put a hand up and ask, "why the hell is it an issue?" She was forced into a car by a group of sand-pile thugs and gang-raped. She was not a willing participant. Given the choice she would have walked on and NOT been in the car.

What sort of rump-poked culture takes this sitting down? It goes to show that Islam as it is practiced in the Kingdom of the House of Saud has jumped the shark. For that matter, it jumped the shark in the 7th century.

Sure, this sort of absolutely barbaric bullshit may have worked for illiterate, nomadic sand-pile bandits 1400 years ago, but it's long past time that some sort of reformation took place. Islam is doing a great job of shooting itself in the ass. It offers no hope of advancement from the dark ages they continue to live in today.

Modern technology and iron-age values are not compatible. We need to take away their toys and let Muslims go back to killing one another instead of taking out their cultural and sexual frustrations on those beyond their borders. They aren't ready for democracy, and we should stop trying to steer them in that direction. Those who try to wash an ass waste both time and soap.

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